Health, Functioning, and Wellness

man getting his blood pressure measured by nurse

The Health, Functioning, and Wellness working group scope includes clinical, translational, policy, systems and services research related to medical rehabilitation, prevention, health and wellness care, public health issues, surveillance, etc.


  • Alison Cernich, PhD, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD),

Upcoming Meetings:

  • No meetings are scheduled at this time. Please contact ICDR if you'd like to be involved.

Activity Update:

  • 05/08/19: The Health Function and Wellness (HFW) working group currently has an agenda and outline for a five- part webinar series, but requires clarification on the level of support available, as well as the desired outcomes and deliverables. Due to time constraints imposed by the GWI, the ICDR leadership will work with the EC to identify new or additional co-chairs to help support this effort. In the past year, HFW coordinated two roundtables that brought together federal agencies focusing on conducting rehabilitation research with positive outcomes. The working group requires EC guidance to review and facilitate the information generated from these roundtables in an effort to inform the planning of future events.

Strategic Planning Documents: