Government Wide Inventory

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The ICDR is responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of a searchable government-wide inventory of disability, independent living, and rehabilitation research for trend and data analysis across federal agencies. This working group is pursuing the option of using the Federal RePORTER to fulfill this responsibility.


  • Theresa Cruz, PhD, National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NCMRR),
  • Daofen Chen, PhD, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS),

Upcoming Meetings:

  • The GWI meets monthly. Please contact ICDR if you'd like more information.

Activity Update:

  • 10/09/20: The NIH team has the website on the developer site and is continuing to finalize it for a first phase of release.
  • 09/11/20: NIH and NIDILRR data is ready for a launch of the website in October. NSF is working through validating their results, and the VA is nearly ready to submit their data. The CDC is determining when they can submit their data. 
  • 08/14/20: GWI leadership is still working on collecting the remaining 2016 data. Currently, the site will launch with NIH and partial NIDILRR data. The website team gave a brief demo and walk through of the website functionality.
  • 07/10/20: The website team has started building the website. The working group discussed some of the requirements for the site. Grant data is still being compiled and collected.  
  • 06/19/20: NIDILLR 2016 data has been provided. The VA is working with the search terms to pull their data. 
  • 04/10/20: GWI leadership had a walk-through from the developer on potential site capabilities in March. Work is continuing on refining the data from the CDC and the VA. Leadership is working to connect with NSF and DoD to include their 2016 data.
  • 03/13/20: The working group is continuing to gathering and refine the 2016 data, including VA, NIH, CDC, and NIDILRR. NSF may be included in this phase, or in 2017 phase. NIH has been spot-checking grants using the disability fingerprint.
  • 01/29/20: The GWI working group has been meeting regularly, and are moving forward with activities. They expect to get 2016 grant data online by the end of February. Grants will be from NIDILRR, NIH, and CDC, with VA to be added in the next phase. Next, 2017 data will be added and more agencies will be included. After the data goes live in February, the ontology information will be shared.
  • 09/11/19: The GWI Working Group continues to work with interagency colleagues. The group has developed a fingerprint of systems to create a structured search. This has allowed for narrowed search results. Current work entails working with the NIH Library to curate datasets from multiple agencies into one dataset. This will allow for annual reporting numbers.
  • 05/08/19: The Government-Wide Inventory (GWI) has a draft ontology. The working group has refined their efforts by examining how different agencies categorize their data, and is trying to eliminate research that is not relevant to disability. Unifying the disability ontology may require ICDR member discussions to clarify the definition of disability across involved agencies. These discussions and clarifications may result in a phasic inclusion of items in the GWI.

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