Announcing the Publication of “UPS Delivers the ‘Secret Sauce’ for Disability Inclusion”

A new report from the LEAD Center and the Workplace Initiative finds UPS’s work training program to be a game-changer for disability employment. The report takes a close look at the training program that has been implemented at UPS’s main air sorting hub in Louisville, Kentucky. The program supports people with disabilities in gaining work skills and experience that prepare them to fill positions in the company.

Options Unlimited, Inc., UPS and the Coalition for Workforce Diversity worked collaboratively to develop the Transitional Learning Center training program at UPS. The program's success reinforced the company's view that training and hiring people with disabilities is both a social responsibility and a means of meeting strategic business needs. UPS’s program may provide a model for other companies interested in diversifying their workforce and creating inclusive career pathways for youth and adults with disabilities.

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