WEBINAR: Cooperation and Collaboration: The Role of Interagency Coordination in Securing Competitive Integrated Employment for Transition

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) makes clear that facilitating Transition from School to Work is not – and cannot be – the effort of a single agency or organization. Ideally, Transition is a highly cooperative and collaborative activity, built upon strong relationships between multiple entities, all working in service to the goals, interests and ambitions of the transitioning student.

In Utah, the efforts to build these partnerships began on the state level. Once a close working relationship had been agreed upon by a number of state agencies, including the Vocational Rehabilitation, Developmental Disabilities, Education, and Workforce Development Agencies, those agencies worked together to create the capacity and policies necessary to foster those same partnerships on the local level.

This webinar will examine the accomplishments of Utah’s EFSLMP leadership team, and the impact on state and local policy and practice on Transition from School to Work, including the development of formal partnerships (MOUs and interagency agreements) and collaborative service delivery. The webinar will present the perspectives of state leaders, local partners, and a youth in transition and their families, to create a holistic picture of high-quality transition services.

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