Work Experience, Education, and Support from Family May Increase VR Success, but Some Challenges May Get in the Way

Researchers at the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center: Individual-Level Characteristics Related to Employment Among Individuals with Disabilities looked at data from 932 people with disabilities who applied for VR services in Ohio in 2014. As part of a larger study, the participants completed a survey, answering questions about their demographics, such as race and education level; what disabilities and limitations they experienced; their work history; how important it was to them to find work; and their reasons for not working, if they were unemployed at application. Specifically, the applicants who were not working at the time of application were asked to select from a list of reasons they had for not working, such as challenges related to their disability, lack of transportation, employers not giving them a chance, concerns about losing disability benefits, or being discouraged from working by family or friends.