Past Events


The symposium examined the state of the science and interactions among employment research, practice, and policy. It took a look at how research-based knowledge can affect practice and policy and how practice and policy can influence research.


The Interagency Committee on Health and Health Disparities (ICHHD) hosted a series of webinars to promote awareness of current research related to the biological, sociocultural, environmental, and behavioral determinants of health disparities for people with disabilities.


The ICDR hosted this forum to examine the state of the science, explore partnership opportunities, and promote information sharing that will support Section 508 compliance. Guests were invited to contribute to this important interagency event and learn about research activities.


This conference overviewed and identified research needs and knowledge gaps surrounding the assistive technology community. Activities included determining opportunities for collaboration; and proposing future directions for establishing a coordinated research agenda and interagency research activities./resources/reports/icdr-assistive-technology-forum-jim-tobias-bio