Health Information Technology (IT) Toolkit: A Compendium of Accessible & Usable Health IT Resources

The ICDR Health Information Technology (IT) Toolkit is designed to improve access to health IT for people with disabilities and older adults. The toolkit provides an overview of health IT and usability resources, research, and best practices across federal agencies, grantees, and non-federal organizations. Its purpose is to facilitate additional research and collaboration by federal agencies and departments on this topic and provide recommendations focusing on accessible and usable health IT. Recommended areas of future focus include improving individual access to usable health information and continuing to collect data about the changes in prevalence, burden, and impact of using these technologies, ensuring that users with disabilities, older adults, and caregivers are involved in health IT development and innovation. In addition, the toolkit advocates maintaining a focus on incorporating accessibility and usability during product development and increasing the proportion of doctors and hospitals with access to usable health IT.