Toolkit on Health Disparities and Disabilities in Research

The ICDR initiated a focus on inclusion of people with disabilities among health and wellness research as well as broader public health programs and initiatives that include people with disabilities as a target population. The purpose of the toolkit on health disparities and disabilities in research is to present resources across federal agencies, federal grantees, and non-federal entities conducting health and wellness research and implementing public health programs and initiatives. This toolkit highlights best practices and effective strategies for including people with disabilities as a priority audience or target population. It features existing resources and programs as they relate to each topic area in order to help address the existing disparities and presents areas for future research related to health disparities and people with disabilities. It is meant to help facilitate further research and collaboration by federal agencies and departments around the health disparities of people with disabilities. It also pulls together identified best practices and effective strategies for disability inclusion for researchers and the public to address these health disparities.